About Us

Get To Know about CourseLinked

Located in the vibrant city of Perth, Western Australia we strive for the innovation in the realm of online learning. 

Specializing in cutting-edge educational solutions, we seamlessly integrate animation, visual media, and interactive content to create immersive learning experiences. 

Our approach is not just about disseminating information but fostering true understanding and engagement.    With a keen focus on learning objectives, we tailor our content to meet the diverse needs of learners, ensuring every interaction is purposeful and impactful. 

At the heart of our mission is the belief that education should be dynamic, accessible, and enjoyable, and we strive to embody these principles in everything we do..

What do We offer?

We offer bespoke course design with a focus on in-house development. Our team will formulate a customised learning approach based on the learning outcomes and project requirements. 

We utilise a range of multimedia resources such as video, animation, podcasts, interactive activities to engage learners. 

We can also adapt existing learning material to form a more streamlined and engaging learning experience.